Top Millionaires from Bitcoin Industry


Bitcoin is a digital asset and a new way of transaction. Its market capitalism is well over $180 billion. Many experts in the field believe that it is one of the best inventions ever in the digital currency industry. The atmospheric rise in its evaluation since its first appearance in 2009, has left billion of dollars in the virtual world for the people to take in. so, it is natural that this field will give new millionaire to the world.

Of course, there was no way that people would have believed these words. How come people would have believed to a new form of currencies that is yet to have a physical form. But for the marketers and the risk-takers, it was a life-changing moment. As the people who had risked everything then are now the new millionaires of this world.

Here is the list of millionaires of the bitcoin industries.

1.    Barry Silbert

Barry Silbert is the founder of the Digital currency group. The aim of the company is to support and boost the global finance system. And they are doing just fine by developing technologies to support the blockchain system. In the recent transaction, the Digital currency group has acquired the coin desk, the leading group for the bitcoin news. This company has invested in more than 100-bit coin-related companies and is being considered the leading firm in bitcoin company’s investment.

2.    Blythe masters

Blythe is one of the leading women in the Bitcoin industry and is currently the CEO of the DAH (Digital asset holding) company. This company specializes in making encryption-based tool that specializes in improving efficiency, in the transaction, security, and compliance of the bitcoins. In 2018, this company started working with the google cloud offering is support to the google cloud team.

Digital asset holding company wants to apply the blockchain technology to the typical activity of the wall street. This company has been experimenting with blockchain technology and had come up with own variation to work on.

3.    Dan Moreheadtyler Winklevoss

Dan Morehead is the founder of the Pantera capita, the first platform the investor who wants to invest in the cryptocurrencies. He has also tested his own blockchain technology to make the transaction faster. It first started in 2013 and by the end of 2018, it has already benefitted more than 24,000 investors.

This company has a vast range of companies to choose from. You will get multiple company options for the investment.

4.    Michael Novogratz

Michael Novogratz parlayed the money he gained from Facebook and invested them into the bitcoins. While doing so he became the first millionaire in late 2017. He also goes on to become a billionaire in 2020. He stated that he almost holds 1% of the total shares in the bitcoin industry. It is itself a great feat.

He has also devised a mechanism that keeps all his day anta and keys secure. Gemini is the product of his labor as well. Gemini is a platform where you can convert all your crypto currencies into cash.


“Investing in the crypto currencies is all about taking a high risk. And if you can do that you will be awarded accordingly”.

The bitcoin industry revolves around the given lines. Bitcoins are the virtual currency that does not have any physical existence. Still, many people wager their wealth in hopes of a high return. That’s how profitable this investment can be. What’s more, there have been many millionaires that have started their journey with a few hundred dollars and now they are on top of the bitcoin food chain.

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