Top Ten Hot Popular Water Bottles

Water cup is a daily necessity for us to drink. Especially in winter, we need a thermos cup in the bag to replenish water at any time. If you like fashion, you will definitely like those special and cute fashion bottles made by blow molding machine. Today, we make a list for everyone to check out the Top Ten hot popular bottles, let’s take a look.

1 Pink Straight Bottle (Slender Vacuum Type)

The pink straight bottle is suitable for those young girls. This cute Hello Kitty pattern makes this bottle look more beautiful. This mug is designed with slender vacuum. The inside tank of it is made of stainless steel, which makes large pack a lot of water possible. Having such a cute mug in winter would make you drink more water.

pink straight water bottle
pink straight water bottle

2 Black And White Piano Cat Cup/Insulated Coffee Cup

Black and white piano cat cup look very lovely. Because it has black one and white one, which can be used as couple cup. This insulated coffee cup has won the favor of many customers. You will be attracted by its appearance. It is a cute cartoon water cup to make people feel special.

3 Portable Sports Bottle

The design of the portable sports bottle is more fashionable and beautiful. This bottle is especially suitable for winter use. The small and cute shape, simple and fresh design make people love it and feel very special. Especially the young girls who saw this adorable bottle are completely unresisting. This bottle is also more practical in winter times.

portable sports bottle
portable sports bottle

4 Contigo Travel Cup

Contigo Travel Cup is a relatively popular cup online in the United States, made by a blow molding machine. The appearance is extremely simple and stylish. It can be operated with one hand, and it is quite convenient to carry it with one button. Hollywood stars are also using this hot popular cup. The one-button opening design makes water drinking safer and will not spill out.

travel water bottle
travel water bottle

5 Double-Layer Glass Tea Cup

Double-layer glass tea cup is a more practical one. This cup is made of high temperature resistant, anti-scalding and environmentally friendly materials. Many men are fond of this type, because it can be more convenient to carry. Further than that this cup can be used as a car electric hot water cup, which contains quick heat cycle insulation function. Those men who drive on business are very suitable for this. They can drink warm water in such cold environment.

double layer glass tea cup
double layer glass tea cup

6 MOUS Sports Fitness Shake Bottle

Imported MOUS sports fitness shake bottle from Australia is a bottle specially designed for those who like sports and fitness. It uses a 360° rounded corner to let this be better washed. This fitness bottle has won the design award. Safe material, without BPA. It is one of the Top Ten hot popular water bottles and has won the favor of many fitness people.

7 Emoji Coffee Cup

CITY CAFE Emoji Coffee Cup is a more attractive one for those who like to drink coffee. This Emoji cup has a cute design and different expressions to give a very fresh style. Each symbol of an emoji has a different meaning, representing a different mood.

emoji cup
emoji cup

8 Hello Kitty Pink Small Kettle

Hello Kitty pink small kettle is a very creative cup on TikTok in recent years. This pink kettle is a favorite of many girls. It looks particularly cute Kawaii. In the Top Ten popular cups, this one is taken out in the school or dormitory. Meanwhile it will not leak.

9 Gradient Glass

The gradient glass is a colorful and heat-resistant frosted cup, which can be used by both men and women. This glass is also relatively prevalent on TikTok. This cup does not leak water and has a leak-proof rubber ring inside. Hand straps are also very convenient.

10 Character Avatar Printing Cup

The character avatar printing cup is a cute glass cup that many customers like. It has super cute look. The lovely pattern of this water cup is more fashionable and cute. And there is a silicone ring inside the cup to prevent water leakage. Portable cups are also easy to carry out, be suitable for the stylish and lovely cups of coffee workers.

Here are ten popular, pretty and cute cups that I want to introduce to you. They have their own characteristics. You might like one of them. People who produce them are also very artistic. They bring these cute things to us. So, if you adore them, why not find a one online or in a shop and buy it? If there is nothing you like, that is a pity. However you can find one on your own. Trust me, it would certainly bring beautiful memories to you.

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