Top Ten Websites where you can Watch 100 MB Movies for FREE

What can I watch now? This question always pops-in whilst every moment, no matter how much we end up watching TV or shows. Once we have binged our favorite movies or series, seen all the recommended movies and shows, & browsed every possible genre we could find, we still thin about what can we watch next.

Let’s figure out top 10 websites which can make us watch movies for FREE. Here:

  • Kanopy: If you love classic movies or art houses, Kanopy is one of the best sites for free-streaming. With numerous entries from the Criterion collection as well as contemporary touch, Kanopy shows high-quality & critically acclaimed cinema with NO cost to the users. For the usage of Kanopy, your university, college, or local library must be connected to it. You will be able to login with a library or college card and access the catalog of Kanopy anytime.


  • Vimeo: It is a video platform just like Youtube, thus, allowing users to upload their own clips and movies to share in HD quality. There are some movies that are costed, but the majority are FREE, mostly short movies.


  • Popcornflix: Those who prefer more of mainstream movies, Popcornflix is just perfect for the name. The ad-supported service accesses numerous of TV shows and movies.


  • Internet Archive: Do you love classic touch movies? There are many golden era movies that are not live at Internet Archive for Free. This site captures all public domain media. Mostly copyright titles date back to the 1920s & 1930s. In short, it is a treasure love for classic movie lovers.

Internet Archive

  • Vudu: Apart from being a platform for TV episodes and buying movies, Vudu has free content too, all thanks to ads. Also, it has a diverse catalog & reports how long all the movies will be Free.


  • Sony Crackle: Formerly known as Crackle, Sony Crackle is a great website that supports free movies with ads. If you really like thriller and action movies, and older TV shows that are next to impossible to find on other platforms, Sony Crackle is the remedy to this.

Sony Crackle

  • Hoopla: This website offers amazing services. It is the digital service of Midwest Tape wherein just like Hoopla you can access with your library card.


  • IMDb: it is a way-out to watch critically acclaimed movies free from the comfort of your home without any hurdle. Like others, this website is also ad-supported, but, if you have amazon prime, you can easily watch free movies through Prime on IMDb TV without any ads.


  • The Roku Channel: If you have Roku, then, you be having an access to The Roku Channel which gives you TV content and free movies. Also, you can stream live shows at no cost.

Roku Channel

  • Good Old You Tube: YouTube has some part of its share of feature length movies uploaded illegally & ones that disappear quickly, all thanks to Youtube’s algorithms. But, there are a good number of movies that can be watched for Free.

Good Old You Tube

Well, we hope to resolve your problems for watching movies for FREE. Enjoy!

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