Top Tips For a House Move

Searching for the best moving company is not that easy. You need to search for so many companies and go through their facilities and services so that you can search for the best one. Well, you don’t have to worry about moving companies anymore. As Shiply is here to provide you the best moving companies easily.

Moving your house is a very difficult decision that you might have gone for. Also, searching for the best moving companies is really a daunting task. But not anymore with the help of this guide, we will provide you with the best tips for a house move also, you can easily discover the best moving companies. We will also guide you with the best parameters that you need to look for affordable moving companies.

How much do moving companies cost? 

Usually, moving companies do not have any fixed price. Though it usually depends on the type of service you chose. On average moving companies usually cost $300 to $500 for smaller moves and around $1500 to $3000 for larger moves.

Best affordable types of moving companies

Basically, there are three types of moving companies. You can choose according to your needs and budget.

  1. Self-service moving: This is one of the cheapest types of moving service available out there. In this type of moving service, you only need to ask the moving company to provide you with a vehicle. You need to then arrange a driver who will drive your vehicle to the final destination. In this type of moving service, you also need to take the responsibility of loading and unloading your objects. 
  1. Loading service move: In this type of moving services the moving company will provide you with a vehicle and a driver. In this case, the driver will drive your materials to the final destination. Rest, you need to prepare your moving stuff for transit-ready. Along with it you also need to take care of the load and unload service and task. This is also one of the best and the cheap moving services available.
  1. White glove moving service: White glove moving service is one of the most expensive moving service options available. Well, you can definitely opt for it if you have a good budget. In this type of moving service, the moving company will provide you with the people who will go to your place, pack your things safely and nicely. They will also take care of the load and unload objects. Along with it, they will also provide you with a driver who will drive your things to the final destination.

Factors affecting the cost of moving services:

  • Distance
  • Size of the house
  • Time of the year
  • Type of the moving services

These factors majorly affect the cost of not moving services. Therefore, make sure to pick your moving services according to the parameters mentioned above


So, dear readers, here are the best and affordable types of moving services available. Also, these tips for the house move. You can choose from the mentioned services according to your budget. You can also learn about the best moving services and the best moving companies at Shiply.

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