Rajasthan is one of the busiest tourism destinations in the country. The state is covered with desert in one end and landscape of dirty sand and limestone backdrop. Nevertheless, tourists are becoming more attracted to this state as time pass by. The state was ruled by Rajputs, Mewar and numerous other grand empires, who built numerous forts, havelis, palaces, temples and other structures in this region. Some even took a step ahead to create artificial lakes, islands and others to add lusher to this otherwise arid environment. What makes Rajasthan more interesting among tourists? Here are the top tourism elements of the region, which you should know before your visit to Rajasthan.

Luxury Vacation

The state is covered by numerous luxury tour packages including the luxury trains. Most of the luxury trains, which cover northern part of the country, cover Rajasthan. Starting from Palace on Wheels, the list of luxury trains spanning Rajasthan is very long. Some of the itineraries of certain luxury trains like Palace on Wheels are Maharaja express, Deccan odyssey exclusively focused on Rajasthan.


This is the land, which has hill station, lakes, hill ranges, sand dunes, national parks and reservoirs inside the same geographical boundary. This is the land of everything. Do you want a lush vegetation safari to spot mammals like tigers, deers and others? Rajasthan has Ranthambore for animals and Bharatpur for migration birds. Are you looking for lush water based attractions? Visit Udaipur, the city of lakes. Are you up for some Arabian styled desert vacation? Jaisalmer and Jodhpur are top in that list. No matter what style of vacation you are looking for, you can customize such a vacation in Rajasthan.


Rajasthan is not just about nature. The kings of yesteryears built numerous temples, mosques and other religious structures, which stand as an icon for numerous cultural celebrations, processions and others. On the other hand, the locals have managed to stick to their tradition and thus, it is easier to enjoy the culture of the land on any normal day (you do not have to wait or festivals to relish in their traditions). The traditional cuisine of the land is rich and grand, even though the vegetation is very less.

Adventure activities

Flying fox, paragliding, para motoring, dune bashing, camel riding and the list goes on and on. The land has numerous adventure activities for all types of travelers. There are numerous family-oriented adventure activities too.


The land is filled with numerous heritage sites, architectural marvels and interesting spots for picnic. Photography is an important activity to enjoy in Rajasthan. It is not just about iconic photogenic structure like the peacock gate, Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort and others. The blue street of Jodhpur, endless sands of sand dunes, birds of Bharatpur and many unique sites make the state more beautiful and photogenic than you can assume.

Although these five are considered as the top tourism elements of Rajasthan, it is deeper than you can assume. Holding tens of heritage sites, unique landscape and exceptional culture, Rajasthan is an important tourist destination, which you should scale at least once in your lifetime.

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