Wall Stickers Affect Your Wall: Is It True?

People use wall stickers for fast home decoration. They are interested to save money by pasting colorful decal images on the walls. However, is it true that the wall is damaged by wall stickers? Researchers have few negative feedbacks about the durability of wall stickers. They also criticize the side effect of the wall stickers posting on the walls. Buyers have to take basic training to install the wall stickers strategically. They should avoid errors when they fix the wall stickers. Sohu Shop is an top online shop for delivering the best wallstickers, decals and wall décor items. These best wall stickers designing company offers online support to customers to solve any issue regarding the deals. Get classic colorful wall stickers at the best prices.

Good Wall Stickers -Safe for Walls

While selecting top wall stickers to improve home, definitely, it is safe and eco-friendly. Remove stickers easily and the wall surface is left without damage. The application layers have qualitative adhesive or glue. The decals are pasted tight on the wall texture. When you peel off the decal, it is harmless for the wall. Top companies test the adhesive component which has no toxins. It doesn’t weaken the wall painting color. The best wall sticker designers don’t use VOC materials. Therefore, homeowners should purchase VOC free wall stickers.  

Fix the Wall Stickers on Dried Texture of Wall

If the water is soaked in the wall surface, the stickers are not stuck well. The heavy moisture loaded walls don’t hold wall stickers longer. Therefore, dried walls are suitable for fixing large wall stickers. Simultaneously, the adhesive component of the wall stickers doesn’t create any bad impressions on the surface of the painting layer.  

Use Less Powerful Adhesive for Pasting Wall Stickers on Interior Walls

In interior space, you don’t need to protect wall stickers from rain. Inside your room, these stickers are not affected by natural calamities. So, apply coats of mild adhesive. However, for exterior walls, the wall stickers must have good sealants.

PVC with Plasticizers – More Suitable for Wall

PVC has the plasticizers which enhances the flexibility and softness. It is good comparing to glue. The wall is not severely worsened or damaged by PVC. The plastic material in PVC is confirmable to rough and smooth wall.

Polyester Stickers

Polyester stickers are also bought by customers to decorate walls. However, polyester stickers are not flexible in comparison to the PVC as it has no plasticizer to soften the texture. It is unsuitable to rough cracked walls. The plus point is that polyester stickers don’t bend easily. Therefore, while removing the decal stickers from the walls, you don’t feel nothing unusual to harass you.

Use Thicker Wall Stickers

Thinner wall stickers may be difficult for anyone to scoop out. Remnants of the loose stickers are still clogged to the upper texture of the wall. Comparatively, risk is manageable in the case of using qualitative thicker wall stickers.

Don’t Paste Wall Stickers on Weak Portions

If the paint becomes highly prone to flakes due to weakness, the wall stickers will worsen the condition of the wall. Therefore, overlook such cracked and flaky areas of wall at the time of posting wall stickers.

Finally, VOC components are not eco-forward. The wall surface can be weakened when VOC insulated wall stickers are used to design the walls. Check reviews to decide what type of wall stickers are selected for wall décor. Still, the best wall stickers must be soft, resilient, VOC free and biodegradable to protect walls. In the case of varnished walls, experts want people to do the test first before pasting wall stickers. Maybe, specific varnished walls don’t support the local glue. It causes faster paint peeling. Lastly, if it is budget-friendly, give a try to the repositionable wall stickers.

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