Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs-What Steps to Take?

Often you may discover when you turn on the water tap there is some smell similar to rotten eggs. Why does this happen? It happens when the level of sulfur bacteria and hydrogen sulfide gas increases in the water supply. Before delving deep into what gives water this unpleasant smell, there are a couple of essential things that you should be aware of. Drinking water contains over 300 chemicals, you can assume the drinking water to be safe but the contamination risk is always there on your mind, and there are many ways of resolving this issue.

Factors that Give Water a Rotten and Pungent Smell

When water smells like rotten eggs, do not ignore it instead try to find out its cause. Implement the plan of attack as well as continue monitoring the problem until it resolves. Water contains hydrogen sulfideat 6 pH, and when it is present at 8 pH, generally it is present in the ionized form. Water containing H2S or hydrogen sulfide will present these problems namely,

  • Localized Infection
  • Biogenic Nature
  • Lead, Copper Implications
  • Corrosivity
  • Rotten Egg Odour

Ways to Find the Source of the Rotten Egg Odour

You can detect the hydrogen sulfide gas odor even when the water is in an extremely low level. Try to smell the water that comes out from the cold and hot water faucets. The smell of rotten egg will be highly noticeable in case of the hot water as here more gas will be vaporized. Besides you can also test the water for iron bacteria, sulfur bacteria, sulfate and hydrogen sulfide in the environmental testing laboratory.

Steps to Take

The moment you get that foul, rotten egg smell in the water follow these steps right away,

  • If you get the smell while using the hot water, then it may be related to the water heater like the build-up of bacteria.

  • While if the smell comes when using hot and cold water irrespective of the home’s location, it is mostly related to hydrogen present in the groundwater or build up of sulfur within the plumbing system.

Should have concerns regarding the quality of the water then do not hesitate in doing either of these,

  • Get in touch with a knowledgeable and experienced water filtration company for inspecting the pipes, testing the water and offering additional information.

  • Take the help of a test kit for checking the levels of the following- hydrogen sulfide, sulfate, and sulfur bacteria.

When you take these steps, it will give you an idea regarding what went wrong as well as how to proceed.

Is Hydrogen Sulfide or Sulfur Bacteria Harmful?

The rotten egg odor in most cases is not related to the water’s sanitary quality. In rare instances however the gas may result from other pollution or sewage. Get the well tested thoroughly to check nitrate and coliform bacteria. Sulfur bacteria indeed is not harmful, yet the gas present in hydrogen sulfide when present in high levels can be hazardous. So, it is essential to take steps in clearing the water of this gas or vent it to the atmosphere to prevent it from collecting in the low-lying spaces like the houses, enclosed spaces, basements or well pits. It is only a qualified person that has undergone specialized training in this field and can use the right safety methods must enter the enclosed space or the well pit where the gas of hydrogen sulfide is present.

Risk of H2S Exposure

If you get exposed to hydrogen sulfide in lower concentrations you are likely to experience the following- shortness of breath, nausea, cough, sore throat, eye irritation, and the lungs can fill with fluids. In case of low-level exposure for a long-term, you may experience any of these- dizziness, poor memory, irritability, headaches, loss of appetite and fatigue. Lastly, chronic exposure to this gas can result in reproductive health issues and even miscarriage.

Make a Change

Instead of consuming tap water, it is high time to explore the other forms of alternatives. Installing a water filter for instance at home can work wonders in removing the harmful contaminants. Today sulfur guard filters are readily available that offer a turnkey solution to handle that rotten egg, foul-smelling water. Here you need to add peroxide occasionally and enjoy drinking and using safe water. Unlike the other systems that are available in the market which are complex, cumbersome and expensive and use different treatment stages, these filters are very simple to use.

To conclude we can state that it is incredibly crucial to check the water quality at regular intervals mainly if you get that rotten and unpleasant egg smell. Today different forms of filters are available in the market. All you need to do is find one which will suit your budget and needs best. When you choose the best sulfur filter, you are sure to attain the topmost level of purity. It is chiefly possible because it uses a unique mix of adsorbents for removing all the contaminants from the water which mostly threaten the beverage and food quality. The utilization of economic and effective filtration will work wonders to ensure that the water is safe from such contaminants.

Anybody can use these filters because they are cost-effective, simple to use, function without the use of any harsh chemicals and is self-maintaining. When you consult a licensed technician that provides such filters, they will conduct an analysis service on your water for determining the existence of sulfur and its levels in the home water because you cannot do so. If sulfur happens to be an issue in the residential water supply, the technician will provide you with a comprehensive list of sulfur filters to pick from that can serve as a sulfur guard. No matter which filters you choose they will install the same on time without creating any disruption in your life.

Once you install the best filter, you can enjoy drinking and usingsulphur-free, sparkling clean and odourless water. These technicians can also offer repair and troubleshooting of the filters as and when needed. nebulizer diffusers for essential oils”, “Read more about nebulizer diffusers for essential oils” & “Click here to read latest nebulizer diffusers for essential oils  .

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