What Social Media Platform is Great for Your Brand?

There is plenty of interest in social media by brands, and rightly so. The wide reach of the internet has enabled access to over 4 billion users, with over 3.5 billion of these people active on at least one social media platform.

Users are using the internet, and social media, to increase their awareness on different brands, products and services offered. More people than ever are using the internet to reach out to a brand for customer service. This makes up a significant part of engagement, which allows your brand to explore customers’ interest and help address any challenges, ensuring that you enforce confidence in your brand.

The high number of searches, with YouTube and Facebook searches ranking behind Google’s search option, suggests that users are using the platforms to carry out research and know more about brands. By creating a social platform, you provide interested users and potential clients a source for all information regarding your brand, as well as an avenue for creating a great buyer-seller relationship.

How to pick the right social media platform

There are a number of social media platforms available for you. If you are interested in setting up a social media page, you may have to choose between platforms that are most suited to your specific goals, such as joining a platform that facilitates high user interaction levels because you want to increase user engagement levels.

 Having too many social media pages can be overwhelming, particularly if you do not have sufficient labor to keep track of all engagements and interactions, and make sure to respond in a timely manner. These are some of the things to look for when choosing an ideal social media platform for your brand.

It should offer a large potential audience

Social Media Platform

 A great social media platform should offer enough access to a large number of people from your target audience. You may look into different social media platforms composition to find a lucrative platform for your brand. Most of the popular social media platforms will guarantee high numbers. However, this does not always translate to high user interest.

It can be difficult for brand owners to carry out successful social media marketing campaigns because some platforms are too tough for new users. On Instagram, for instance, you will have trouble generating sufficient user interest in your posts if you are not already popular. You will need to consider paid means to get your posts more visible to the audience, which will in turn help your campaign reach its targeted goals. You can get ig views for your video posts to increase user interest in your posts and attract better visibility. 

It should offer various advertising options

advertising options

The range of advertising options available may need to play into your decision, in line with your business goals. You should join a platform that facilitates your brand’s goals, as well as one that provides the ability to reach your audiences better.  Paid advertising will offer better access to desired audiences, which may boost sales. It can also raise conversion levels, through features such as remarketing. A great platform should offer advertising options to help you meet certain aspects of your goals.

It should allow you to track analytics

You will need to track analytic information to understand user reaction to your products, services, content or online activity. A great platform should allow you to monitor different aspects of your brand’s performance, which will enable you to improve user satisfaction levels and create a great following. Before signing up, you need to consider the analytic options available and how they may be used to help you monitor your performance.

You should be able to share all content

Great social media platforms offer options when it comes to sharing content. A suitable platform should allow you to share different formats for your posts, which helps to keep your page diverse and interesting. Research suggests that audiovisual content is almost 80% more likely to draw and keep user interest on the internet. You could attract more users to your social media on platforms that allow this type of content.

It should be free

advertising options

A great social media should be free. It is often understated because many social media platforms are free to use, but a social media with a subscription fee attached may prove to be too expensive. It is also likely to have fewer users, which could limit your marketing campaign’s efficiency.

What options are available?

There are numerous options available for users. Having a page on the right platform could help you maximize the benefits social media has to offer. But what are some of the available platforms for your brand?


The most popular social media platform allows users to connect with billions others around the world. It is free to use, and is very simple to understand. As users ca share different types of content, we recommend that you diversify your posts to attract more shares and higher user engagement levels. Paid advertising options available on the platform may offer a higher likelihood of success for your social campaigns.



Made up of mostly tech savvy users, Twitter is a popular platform for brands. Many users are increasingly looking to the platform for customer service. If you are setting up your brand on this platform, you should ensure consistent activity and monitoring, as well as quick response times. It can be a great platform to test out new content.


The largest professional social media offers access to professionals and brands. While it is often considered the resume social media, with users perceived to be looking for employment through the avenue, it offers access to 500 million users. Its potential for business partnerships makes it ideal for relatively smaller brands. It can be limited with the type of content on offer, but may allow more link sharing and better brand association.


The largest video hosting social platform allows users to share video content. It is very popular, with YouTube being the second most popular search avenue after Google. Billions of hours of video footage have been shared and viewed on the platform by the billions of users who frequent it. You do not need to post regularly on the platform, but should be active between once and twice every week.

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