What’s the Best Way to Prepare for TOEFL test?

If you are aiming to proceed with your career outside India, then in many of the cases, appearing for the TOEFL test is a must. A lot of people actually think that this examination is extremely difficult but experts have given the opinion that this examination is not as difficult as it is thought to be. If you go with the right approach of preparation, TOEFL test is not at all difficult to crack. The motive of TOEFL test is to check the proficiency of people whose first language is not English but the best thing about this examination is that it does not deal with complex, bombastic words or grammar, this exam only places you in a scenario where real-life problems are solved.

     A lot of people have revealed that the online resources have helped them a lot to crack the TOEFL examination. So, let us evaluate the possible ways which you can use to actually crack this examination with a decent score in the same.

7 Ways to prepare for TOEFL test:

There are a lot of ways through which you can strengthen up your preparations, they are discussed below in details:

  1. Know the exam pattern:

     It is pretty obvious that when you are appearing for the test, it is mandatory for you to know about the exam pattern first. TOEFL exam has mainly three sections, namely reading, writing and listening, the details about which are described below in details:

  • Internet-based test: 

      In this, the reading section will take place for 60-80 minutes with 36 to 56 questions on an average. The listening section is supposed to take place for 60 to 90 minutes with 34 to 51 questions. After this, a short break is provided for 10 minutes after which the speaking session will be taking place for 20 minutes comprising of 6 tasks for the candidate. In the writing session, you need to write 2 essays in 50 minutes.

  • Paper-based test:

      In this, the listening section comprises of 50 questions which you need to solve in 30-40 minutes. The writing section comprises of 40 questions which you need to solve in 25 minutes. The reading section comprises of 50 questions to be solved in 55 minutes while the TWE test contains one essay which you need to write in 30 minutes.

Now it is your decision to choose which exam you will want to proceed with.

  1. Know why you are giving the examination:

The score of this examination is valid in 130+ countries with more than 9000 colleges accepting the candidates. So, you need to know why you are giving this examination, the possible reasons could be:

  • To apply for a job
  • To apply for a university
  • To proceed with immigration
  1. Target for a minimum score:

     This is the part where people fail to realize the reality. Most of the people target for a score which is either unrealistic or it is out of their scope. The best option is to target the university which you want to get in, and according to that, it is better to formulate your score. It is obvious that the score should be realistic for your own benefit.

  1. Create your own study spaces:

       Studying is an important part of the preparation. Whether you use online resources or you include books, it is important to ensure that the preparation is up-to-the mark. It is also important to identify the following:

  • A place where you can sit and study.
  • A time where you can study.
  • Plan your study breaks strategically.
  • Organize your study spaces properly.
  1. Take aid from teachers:

      Teachers are helpful during any phase of your life. If there is a favourite teacher of yours who is enthusiastic about the language, then it is high time you should approach that teacher. This is because he or she will not only help you with his or her knowledge but also include books in your curriculum which you will be needing.

  1. Use online resources:

       These days, everything is available online. You are exposed to a large number of online resources, apps (TOEFL go app) which will help you in all possible ways with your preparation. They will help you to practise reading and writing with the required amount of speed which is preferable in such exams.

  1. Take mock tests:

        Apart from online resources, apps (TOEFL go app), it is important for you to search for online or offline mock tests because these exams will enhance your skills and prepare you for the upcoming challenges in the examination.

These are the ways which you can use to enhance and uplift your preparations. The exams are approaching and you need to figure out ways with which you can approach your dreams coming true.

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