Investing in cryptocurrency has become an ongoing trend nowadays due to its insane returns. The opportunities in cryptocurrency trading keep on changing each year due to the rice and fall in market prices of different crypto-coins. You should keep diversifying your investment portfolio by investing in different assets to mitigate your risks and gain higher profits.

For profitable crypto trading, choosing reliable exchanges; trusted brokers, and diversified crypto coins are a vital factor. As per the crypto market analysis this year, the market price of the coins are more likely to accelerate upwards hitting up to an overall valuation of 1 trillion. Hence, for effective trading, the following list takes you a tour on the best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2019.

  1. Bitcoin

It leads the cryptocurrency market and a constant factor. Though Bitcoin suffered loss in 2018, with its consistent improvement in the last few years it is always here to stay. In 2019, Bitcoin has shown fairly good performance in the first half of 2019 with its price increasing from $3,862 to $5,412 and now its current rate is $7,886. In 2019, it is the first choice of investment in crypto coins along with diversifying your portfolio with other coins as well. Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto which is the most stable cryptocurrency recently and is available in all crypto/ even some non-crypto trading exchanges for buying and selling. Many e-commerce stores, restaurants and shop outlets also accept Bitcoin such its popularity.

Market cap: – $138,600,952,663 USD

  1. Litecoin

It emerged by forking of Bitcoin in 2011 with the same principle as Bitcoin except for some technical changes. It provides the fastest performance among all other crypto coins and hence the best choice for faster trade execution. It has given a great performance in the first half of 2019 by entering into a partnership with Travala.com and its announcement of launching the Litecoin hardware wallet. All these factors increased the demand of the LTC coins and it showed a price rise of up to 14% and has been constantly increasing till now. From 30USD at the beginning of 2019 to 92.04 USD in May 2019, the performance of LTC has been outstanding which makes it a great choice for investment in 2019.

Market cap :- $5,578,397,180 USD

  1. Etherum

Etherum which introduced its latest fork Constantinople in 2019 has shown improved performance. It is a blockchain based open source cryptocurrency that was created by Vitalik Buterin in 2013. If you analyze the dropping crypto market in 2018, Etherum was the one to have its highest record of $1,290 at the beginning of 2018. Even though it suffered falls after that in 2018, the price of Etherum is expected to accelerate upwards in 2019 due to its powerful dapp development platform and being used by several renowned organizations as smart contracts. It has shown a significant rise from the beginning of 2019 having a current price of $253. The stability market of Etherum is also good as in most of the crypto exchange platforms; you can easily buy and sell Ether coins.

Market cap:- $26,647,946,423 USD

  1. Binance

It is a powerful block chain operated crypto coin created by the Binance Ecosystem. It is used for crypt trading as well as for in-store payments and transaction in Binance exchanges. It is created by Changpen Zhao-SEO of Binance. It has shown a consistent growth from the beginning of 2019 in spite of the severe downfall of the crypto market in the latter half of 2018. The price rate has consistently increased from 5.83USD at the beginning of January 2019 to a whopping amount of 29.57 USD in May 2019 till now. This constant 3x increasing factor makes Binance a good one for investment in 2019 with the hope of increased profits. It is also relatively cheaper compared to Bitcoin, Etherum, and Litecoins.

Market cap:- $2,661,484,932 USD

  1. Monero

It is one of the most fungible cryptocurrencies that has been forked from Bytecoin and provides users the facility to execute secure anonymous transactions with lower mining cost. The currency of Monero is referred to as XMR which provides high-end security and is completely untraceable by any third party. In 2019, Monero is rapidly making its mark in the crypto market with its partnership with Fortnite that have resulted in faster growth of its price rates recently. Its price rate has been $40 at the beginning of January 2019 which has constantly increased up to May 2019 resulting in a rising price rate of $90. This year Monero stands great chances of making higher profits.

Market cap:- $1,498,413,142 USD

  1. Dash

It is a very user0friendly blockchain operated cryptocurrency that can be used to make instant payments globally. It is very easy to buy online and many counties ATM also support Dash coins. You can pay almost any kind of transactions with Dash. The performance of Dash was not bad in 2019 and price rate mostly tend to increase making its current rate at $166.25. The performance has been outstanding in the month of May especially and hence the accelerations are expected to move upwards for the upcoming months as well. An investment in this crypt coin this year is not a bad choice.

Market cap:- $1,422,163,237 USD

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