Why Do Women Opt for A Breast Reduction Operation?

You may notice that your breasts are abnormally large in comparison to other parts of your body. Due to this, you may experience excruciating pain in the regions of your neck, shoulders and back. In such a case, you consider opting for a reduction mammaplasty surgery. Most people know it as breast reduction. Many cosmetic experts say thousand of women undergo this procedure every year. It is one of the most common treatments after botox. However, you need to be aware of psychological effects of such operations. This is why you should consult a proficient medical professional before take a decision with adequate skill, knowledge and experience in this field. Only he/she can recommend the best course of action for you to take

What does reduction mammaplasty procedure involve?

In a reduction mammaplasty procedure, the surgeon performing the operation remove the excess fat, skin and glandular tissues from a patient’s breasts. During the operation, he makes small incisions on either side of a patient’s breast. Such cuts help to extract the such skin, fat cells and tissues. After reshaping the breasts and reducing their size, he/she stitches up the incisions. The objective of the medical expert is to make this portion of her body proportionate to the other parts. This goes a long way in removing the discomfort she may associate with having abnormally large breasts.

3 key Reasons to undergo this treatment

Cosmetic surgeons point out the following 3 important reasons why women of various age groups opt to undergo a breast reduction surgery:

  1. Alleviate pain 

Having large breasts have be an inconvenience for many women. They suffer from back, shoulder and neck pain because of this abnormality. In some case, they even complain of skin irritations. Over time, such problems become worse. Older women even experience posture problems.

  1. Enhance lifestyle 

Women with large breast find it difficult to take part in certain physical activities or sporting events. In some of may even feel uneasy about their physical appearance while running or jumping. They also say they experience mild to very severe pain. In such situation, a breast reduction operation can go a long way in enhance their overall lifestyle.

  1. Boost self-esteem 

Young women whose breasts are proportionally larger than their height and weight may suffer from low self-esteem. This is because they feel ashamed of their physical appearance. They are generally reluctant to interact with other people. They assume other individuals will mock or ridicule them. They also find it difficult to find the right clothes to fit them. In circumstances, reduction mammaplasty can boost their confidence.

The above 3 reasons prove that a breast reduction procedure can improve your lifestyle and image. However, you need to ensure the surgeon conduct the operation has the right skills, knowledge and experience. Only such expert can give you a realistic expectation of results of such a procedure and its inherent risks. This can go a long way in helping you make the right decision. It can also give you the results you desire.

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