Why Ladies Cheat: Emotional and Physical Reasons

If you suspect your girlfriend or wife of infidelity, then pay attention to the combination of certain behavioral characteristics. Noticing changes in behavior, you will be able to save your relationship.

1.She suddenly stopped criticizing you

For some unknown reason, the girl suddenly stopped making scenes and paying attention to many things that annoyed her previously. Of course, you can assume that she changed. But, rather, nevertheless, the girl’s behavior is explained by the fact that her focus of attention has shifted, and she simply stopped paying attention to you. A very important point – if a girl suddenly stopped sending you millions of messages with the questions, like “Do you love me” a day, and she doesn’t describe her every action and generally becomes much less sociable, then there is one option: perhaps she has someone who changes the center of her interests.

2.She becomes prettier

She takes better care of herself, goes to beauty salons, and buys new clothes. This may be a clear sign of cheating. How do you think, why she suddenly starts dressing up, using perfumes, etc.? A woman seeking a man for marriage always wants to look gorgeous to please someone else.

3.She hides her location

Studies show that unfaithful spouses very often can’t tell about their whereabouts and activities. And they come up with ridiculous pretexts for this. If your woman is having difficulty answering where she was and what she did during the day, this may be a sign that she found someone else.

4.She doesn’t want to have sex with you

If a woman falls in love with another man, then she will avoid intimacy with her boyfriend, as she is no longer interested in it. Therefore, if there were no problems with sex in a relationship, but then they appeared, it is possible that another man is satisfying her. Also, if she flirts with others and refuses to give attention to her boyfriend, then most likely, there are big problems in the relationship.

5.She becomes irritable towards you

Increased irritability should be a signal for you, and you need to be wary. If a woman begins to argue about every occasion, then we can assume that she is not loyal to you and is looking for a way out of the relationship.

6.She is not jealous

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your woman is flawless. More importantly, don’t let simple casual jealousy or its lack ruin your relationship. Wrong or hasty conclusions can forever break the mutual attachment. So, it is wiser to get all the facts before making a decision.

7.Separation from the family

One of the signs of cheating is the separation from the family. She can also stop hanging out with friends and family, coming up with strange excuses. The reasons that women do this are regret and guilt. She feels guilty and thinks she will experience less pain, being at a distance from family and friends.

8.She sets a password on computer and smartphone

You need to pay attention to this if she previously had no passwords anywhere. After all, it suggests that she wants to hide information that no one needs to know about. Pay attention to it!

9.She has a new friend

Women who cheat often come up with friends or girlfriends to get rid of suspicion. You may find that a girl meets these friends regularly and possibly on a specific day, every week. She may also come up with a reason to stay overnight (work, bachelorette party, and so on).  Also, pay attention to speech and interests – if strange words slip through the conversation, and something completely unusual is added to the list of her interests, it seems that you have a rival.

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