Why Phonics Is On The To-Do List Of Parents These Days

Every parent wants the best of their child, don’t they? Be it proper healthcare or education; parents try their best to ensure the welfare of their children. Effective reading skills go a long way when children’s futures are concerned. Phonics is one foundation course that every parent is looking forward to, and Cedarwood brings the best of phonics classes in Pune.

Let’s learn more about this.

What is Phonetics?

The sound of the spoken language is represented by phonics and making children aware of it in pre-primary age is the best and most effective way to ensure high-quality reading skills. Phonics is greatly relevant because it gives the child confidence to read out on their own and recognize the sound of vowels, consonants and other components of written language better.

Understanding the relation between the spoken language and the same in written form is all that phonics deals with and is taught in the phonics classes in Pune.

Bringing Out The Best in Your Child

Combining reading with phonics is one crucial way that Cedarwood implements to ensure excellence in reading skills. Such fundamental courses also help the children to improve their communication skills, their vocabulary skills and inculcate better form of imagination in them.

Phonics Classes by Cedarwood

At Cedarwood, it all starts with storytelling and initially making children aware of picture books. To captivate the children, interesting activities are performed, and different techniques are taken use of so that children take an interest in the classes. Creative learning is what the Cedarwood phonics classes in Pune are famous for.

Why Are Parents taking an interest in Phonics?

Before, it was all schooling and education, but this combo is slightly ineffective without preliminary learning. With knowledge of phonics, children intend to take a better interest in schooling activities and perform finer. Phonics classes lay the foundation of the crucial letter-sound mapping, helping them to make an easier start to school life.

Nowadays, parents are getting more aware of phonics classes and ensuring that their children get it. It has surely marked a place in their to-do list.

How Do Such Classes help?

Imagine yourself, being asked to read out the context that is quite difficult for your age group, but you read out flawlessly and fluently. Wouldn’t this make you feel grateful? More confident? The same is with your child. Better pronunciation with enhanced reading ability builds up confidence which is very much important for a child to perform better in education.

Such classes help them to blend with standards slightly higher than of their level, keeping them always ahead of their time. Also, it helps to inculcate reading habits and take an interest in such related activities.


Parents out there, what are still thinking so hard about? Your child’s welfare has always been your priority, and this is one great way to make that happen. Reach out Cedarwood to know more about phonics classes in Pune so that you can gift a child with better learning and reading skills.

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