Wine As Anti-Aging Skin Care Agent: Is This Real?

Skincare trends are changing from time to time given the fact the science and technology continue to grow as time goes by. With the diversity of skin care methods, a lot of people either men or women are much more interested in the different operation of achieving a younger and fairer skin. Most people even invest a lot of time, money, and effort in order to maintain the youthful skin they possess.

On the other hand, given the fact that a lot of scientific methods are coming out in order to take care of one’s skin, some people are discovering a new trend of skin care program. In the recent study conducted by skin care experts, red wines are becoming a new trend today which currently comes out in the market as one of the best non-surgical ways of maintaining a fairer skin.

While this may be true, a lot are also in doubt in using this as an anti-aging skin care product because it’s an alcoholic beverage. Most of us believed that drinking or using alcoholic beverage by any means is dangerous to one’s health. So, the question now is if wines are really an excellent anti-aging and skin care agent? In this article, we’d like to help you understand why skin care experts are advising red wines as the newest skin care agent. This will help you open up your hearts and minds to understand that wines are not only used for fun and enjoyment whenever there is a celebration, but it also brings a lot of benefits to our health.

The Red Wines and Resveratrol

In general, wines are known as alcoholic beverages. They are best when paired with food or they are also apart of celebrating a momentous event in one’s life. Despite the fact the wines are seen to be bad in one’s health, one component of wine is resveratrol which is found naturally even if it still undergoes the winery process.

 Resveratrol is a natural compound found in wines which deems excellent health benefits for everyone taking it. This is why wines are being introduced in the market as an alternative and natural way of maintaining good skin. The resveratrol is part of polyphenol compounds which can be found in grape’s skin which also serve as antioxidants.

Lastly, the resveratrol according to some skin care experts are amenable to treat acne. They help reduce the count of bacteria that is inside the acne and dries it in a short period of time. Most of the time, if a person is experiencing acne, he looks for a product that has a benzoyl peroxide ingredient to cure it. The resveratrol contains the same level of acne medicine like benzoyl; thus, taking red wines like Screaming Eagle regularly will prevent the acne-causing bacteria to develop in your face.

Tannins and Red Wine

Aside from resveratrol, tannin is another phytochemical compound you can find in red wines.  The same with the resveratrol, it is beneficial to one’s skin bringing so many benefits to ensure a fairer looking aesthetics. Tannins came from the seeds, stem, and skin and grapes. Wines with a higher level of tannins will surely give you a faster effect of having youthful skin when taking regularly and moderately.

On the other hand, consuming too much tannin is bad for your health. Thus, if you are planning to store and drink wines regularly, drinking in moderation is still the key factor. If you want to achieve a younger and fairer skin, all you need to do is to drink one glass of wine on a daily basis. If you are consuming too much which is more than one glass, then your dream of having that perfect skin may turn the other way around. Make sure that you only get what’s recommended and be patient because results will definitely show off in time.

Where To Find Red Wine For Your Skin and Resveratrol

Resveratrol is found anywhere. Take note that there are beauty products that have resveratrol and grape seen content. You can find it in a trusted market and make sure to always take note of the customer’s review regarding the product to ensure that you are using the safest one.

Also, if you want faster results especially in your face, you can use wine as a facial wash. It may sound expensive, but nothing is more practical in achieving a younger looking face but by applying directly the wine to your face by using it as a facial wash. When resveratrol is directly applied to your skin, the antioxidant activity is boosted and your skin becomes tighter and fairer.

In today’s age, a lot of people are relying on some scientific process especially when it comes to skin care health issues. Therefore, consuming wines moderately can help you achieve healthier skin in the long run because it’s a natural and non-surgical process.

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