7 Makeup Essentials: Every Office Girl Should Keep In Her Bag!

You might don’t know when you need to rush for a client meeting or get asked to go out on dinner dates, or straight up to the office parties. The in-between parties, presentations, and events, things can become hectic.

However, with beauty staples on hand, you can add a pop of pink on your face, give your lips a shade and your hairs the needed style. Of course, you don’t need to keep a stash of things, just some essentials and you are ready with your go-glam look:


Quick swipe dark kohl in the tired eyes and you are ready with the glammed, fresh-looking eyes! Want the eyelashes in perfect shape?

Go for waterproof mascara; a dark color mascara will hold the lashes and give them a nice curl. And the best part: you won’t look like a dreaded racoon in the day.

*Tip: Mascaras can be clumpy; so always carry one or two clean spoolies and use them to fan your lashes.


Let your foundation be the not-to-forget thing in your everyday makeup routine. Liquid foundations, precisely, are easy to blend and offer complete coverage. Just think of your skin tone and get the perfect foundation.

  • For Girls With Oily Skin: if you have oily skin, the matte foundation will work for you, as it will make your complexion less glossy and smooth.
  • If You Have Dry Skin: dry skin has often become dull, however, to make them look radiant, look for a glow foundation.
  • If You Have Blemishes Or Spots: get a full coverage foundation for the days when you want to hide dark circles and pimples. Moreover, with the, you can mask all types of skin imperfections with ease.


Want a quick transformation in your overall look? Get a trendy shade of Runway Rogue lipstick and perk up the look. Go for the long-lasting formula and bright color, as they make the perfect thing to apply on the busy days.

You can go for blue-toned reds for a dramatic look and brick and tomato reds for softer hues. However, the neutral tones will also look perfect if you are averting from red to work.

Dry Shampoo:

There’s no place for oily and settled hairs in office. But what if you got that extra 10 minutes from your beauty sleep and skip washing your hairs? Then comes girl’s saviour- dry shampoo!  Dry shampoo is one of the best things to fake-a-look of washed hairs.

These shampoos are also ideal for the times when long travels make your hair less desirable. Just put them in your bag and get clean hairs in no time.


Just because you are in the walls all day, doesn’t mean you are safe from UV rays of the sun. Your computer screens also emit harmful rays that can hamper your skin. But, let’s be practical, no one has the patience to apply sunscreen in every few hours.

In that case, get a spray-on sunscreen to make reapplication a breeze. And the best part, the spray-on sunscreen is hydrating and will prevent your skin from drying.

A Hand Cream:

Is the AC in your office making your skin dry and itchy? Get, a hand cream to hydrate them and make them soft. Further, many hand creams contain natural ingredients and essential oils that heal and repair the skin.

Micellar Water:

Take off all your makeup at the end of the day with micellar water! If you sleep with makeup on, it gets mixed with the oil and dirt on your skin making your pores clogged. Clogged pores then lead to breakout and skin damage, but with micaller water, you can get a clear and dirt-free look.

Additionally, the tiny molecules present in the micelles will act as a magnet to remove dirt and oil easily from the skin.

Now that you know what’s essential don’t let the sundry work staples fill up your drawer. Instead, fill it with the makeup things to feel glamorous all day!


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