A (Hip) Bedroom Makeover Guide for all 20-Something with Small Rooms

No kidding. The room indeed looks boring. And hush, you can actually hear its scream for a makeover.

Besides, even if you like your bedroom, don’t you think it can do away with some remodeling work? It’s been a while, after all. Adding new shades and layers would make it look even better. And moreover, it will make you feel better.

Now, here’s something that stops many: “Small bedroom”.

There are many 20-something who believe that since the room is small, the opportunities to give it a makeover is limited. And then, of course, there are also those who think enhancing the ambiance of a smaller bedroom is difficult and should invite professional interior designers, who usually charge big.

If you’re in any of these two groups, here are two possible breaking news for you:

  • You’re WRONG.
  • There are seamless ways to give even the small bedrooms a grand makeover—without spending a lot of money, at that. 

Yes, really!

Here are 6 tips to help you with that:

  1. Get rid of all the unnecessary items

Start the process with this step.

Your bedroom certainly has a lot of things that are completely unnecessary—things that you don’t use and hardly care about.

Take a look around the room and get rid of these items. It could be anything: right from the extra pillows, chairs, and showpieces to cupboard, paintings and stationary.

Indeed, some of the items would be hard to get rid of. It has your attached emotions. But you’ve got to do it. Don’t throw them; just transfer them to the storeroom or basement of the house.

No matter the size, the cleaner your room is, better will it look. So, take up the minimalist approach and free the space of all the unnecessary items.

  1. Make the space “feel” spacious

If you have done the previous step properly, you would likely now have a much spacious room. However, there are still ways how you can make it look and “feel” larger. There are tricks for that.

The foremost is re-positioning your bed and furniture. If you believe they are hindering some space that could likely be used for movement, change their position to elsewhere where they would take the least area.

Talking about furniture, don’t stack them against the wall. Maintain a space between the two. It will create an illusion that the place is spacious.

When using carpets, blinds, and sheets, make sure they have vertical stripe patterns. This will make the room appear elongated and long.

Here are a few other tips that will make your bedroom feel large:

  • Don’t cover your windows. The openness will add more depth to the space.
  • Get a larger mirror on the wall, cupboard, or back of the door. It will create an illusion of more space.
  • Maintain consistency in the colors– from wall to bed sheet to everything else – to keep the “busyness” at the minimal. Of course, don’t keep everything in the same color. For better appearance, use different shades of the same color.

These few steps will help you add “feel” spaciousness to the bedroom.

  1. Be selective in the color of wall paint

Coming to the color of the wall, you must be selective. Although it’s always recommended that you should go with your favorite color, this might not necessarily always be an ideal choice. For instance, if your favorite shade is black or charcoal blue, you can’t paint your room in that, can you?

Colorsdirectly influence our conscious and subconscious mind. They shape our emotions, which cascades to affect our feelings. So, again, be careful of the shade you pick.

Light colors are possibly the best options. For example, yellow leaves an optimistic feel on psychology, blue makes you feel at peace, pink will calm you down and make you unaggressive.

Don’t just stick to one color. Play around with different lighter schemes and palettes. Make sure it complements the flooring, furniture and the kind of feel you are looking for in your room.

  1. Wall art and stickers

If you’re looking for a cool and hip bedroom, this will make (or break) the deal for you.

Wall arts and stickers are the “it” of interior designing today. Depending on the kind of bedroom you want, choose these accordingly.

Here, you want a trendy and hippy feel which is unique and energetic. So, getting those quote-based stickers won’t go wrong. Have a favorite quote? Create a custom sticker of it. Is there anyone who you role-model? Have a picture of her/him on the wall in form of artwork.

The possibilities are limitless. From stickers and wall art of celebrities and quotes to nature and religious-based ones—you can go with just about anything that you feel connected to.

Note: don’t crowd the entire wall this way. It will make the space look congested. Also, position these arts and stickers thoughtfully.

  1. Get the compact furniture

Gone are the days when those bulky sofa sets, tables, and armchairs were the ‘oh-so-wow’. Today, with the idea of minimalism at high, people are looking for “everything compact”. And this also includesfurniture.

The market is filled with such compact furniture—and they are already some of the best sellers.

Those sleeper sofas a great space-saver. Plus, they are very attractive. Folding wall-mounted desks are a good choice—and so are those portable computer workstations.

Purchase such furniture according to your requirements. Even your small bedroom will stay spacious and have that urban feel to it.

  1. More lights. Some more lights

This is the key to make any and every space striking and energetic. The more lights the room has (with a certain limitation, depending on the size of the room), the better it will look. Period.

Of course, this makes investing in high-quality lights very important which don’t consume too much energy and doesn’t generate heat.

Fortunately, you can find such fixtures online rather easily and at an affordable rate. Look around and find a good online store.

Those LED panel lights, high bay lights, and LED desk lamp are a must. If you’re a global citizen, championing energy conservation, you can also purchase solar floodlights, and even solar lanterns for that cool one-off feel; install the solar panels outside your window.

In addition, be careful of the position of the lights. Make sure there’s a consistency in brightness throughout the room.


There are 6 simple tips for 20-something to give their small rooms a grand makeover. Like we said earlier, it isn’t that difficult. You can turn even the smallest of bedrooms into a magical space if you follow the fundamentals and use some of your creativity. So, this new year, don’t settle for the same, boring bedroom anymore. Give the space a desired makeover where every minute spent becomes fun and happening.

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