Advantages of smoking are there any

Life is full of hectic and stresses, therefore to cope up with the stressful situations, people mostly consider smoking as an easy solution. Now you might wonder why so? The reason is that cigarette has a considerable amount of nicotine which gets transmitted to the brain in just five to six seconds. Most exciting about smoking is that it has a direct equation with the emotion. Whenever a person feels low or suffering from an unpleasant mood then he resorts to smoking as an instant mood lifter. But do you think is there any advantage that you can get from smoking? Let’s see if there is any so.

  1. Less chance of immediate death after a heart attack:

You already know that smoking is highly responsible for getting a heart attack. But to be honest, smokers who have already suffered a heart attack are less likely to face instant death compared to those who have not to smoke for a single time. The reason is that people who are into smoking positively reacts to certain therapies like the Fibrinolytic or the angioplasty, which are medicated therapy, used to discard the plaque which has developed in the arteries.

  1. Reduces the factors of obesity:

Obese is seriously up to so many treatments and strictly control their diet to put off the weight. But yes smoking cigarettes made from high standard tobacco like the Gambler Tobacco really give a way out to out off weight. This is because the nicotine present in the tobacco acts as the direct appetite suppressant. It also restrains the smokers from frequent snacking. According to science, the nicotine in smokers leaves an illusion on a certain part of the brain called the hypothalamus which is why the brain gives a feeling of getting full when a person smokes. Moreover, a smoker also finds some food distasteful at times as well which again limits his food craving.

  1. Fortifies from Parkinson’s disease:

Parkinson’s disease or famously known as the nerve disorder impact the production of the neuron in a certain portion of the brain can be shielded with smoking. Well as per researchers study and pieces of evidence, scientists have concluded that people who have adopted smoking for a good length of years can certainly fortify their brain from suffering from Parkinson’s disease. At the same report, they also added that it is not the number of the cigarettes that count but the years he is into smoking. Even studies also found that a person who has quit smoking won’t be able to offer that protective shield to the brain.

  1. Chance of knee transplantation minimized:

These days the majority of the mass complains about knee problems like aching or joint issue. But the good news is that those who are addicted smokers don’t have to muse about undergoing a knee substitution surgery. Well, again there comes a question why so? The reasons that researchers gave is that it is the presence of the nicotine in good quality tobacco that basically wanes the degradation of joint and cartilage issue. On top of that also note that smokers don’t have to ponder much about the common joint disease called osteoporosis as well.

  1. Makes heart medicine work actively:

For those who are already undergoing heart issues might have been suggested to take heart medicines. In that case, if you are still an active smoker and smoke at least ten cigarettes a day then there is a high possibility that the medicine will work positively. This takes place when a person smokes it actually triggers a definite type of protein known as cytochrome. Again as supportive evidence, scientific research has documented that it is so because of the tobacco plant which to a certain level is therapeutically worthy.

Thus, these are the facts supporting the advantages of smoking.

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