Aryaman Deol to Step into Bollywood? Here Is What Senior Deol Has Revealed

The internet has started crushing over a new star kid, the elder son of renowned actor Bobby Deol, Aryaman Deol. The pictures of this star kid have been constantly doing the rounds and have managed to blow the entire social media. Also, this happened as a result of a cute and adorable picture posted by daddy Bobby Deol on his 50th birthday. This has given birth to the rumor that Junior Deol is all set to step into daddy’s shoes and make his entry into Bollywood.

Aryaman stepping into Bollywood: The truth

After the picture posted by Bobby Deol, the netizens have started awaiting the Bollywood debut of this star kid. Aryaman is only 17, and he has already won the hearts of numerous people both in the country as well as globally. While some have addressed him to be a young and handsome Dharmendra version, others have already started making their predictions that he is definitely going to be a star in Bollywood, as soon as he enters it.

The question that was doing the rounds was, was introducing Aryaman a way of letting people know that he was ready for his Bollywood debut? Well, this is something that only time is going to tell. But Bobby Deol definitely has some answers, and the entire country needs to know it!

Bobby Deol opens up

While the country cannot wait to hear the good news that Aryaman Deol is going to be a part of this beautiful film industry, daddy Deol has hushed this rumor for now. In one interview, Bobby kept calling Aryaman a beautiful child, from both outsides as well as the inside. He further revealed that his son was extremely focused on his studies, and there is no plan that he had of stepping into Bobby Deol’s shoes, as of now.

Bobby Deol also stated that Aryaman is 17, and he did not want them to grow up before the right time, as stated by He has also managed to keep his kids away from the limelight as well as media because as a father, he wanted them to have an amazing and normal childhood. He also revealed that he was never going to pressurize his kids to become anything; they could choose anything of their interest. But currently, Aryaman is focused on studies and the country’s favorite game, cricket. Well, that is definitely a lot of heartbreak to handle for the nation!

Bobby Deol’s Work front

Bobby Deol has been an eminent actor, and he recently celebrated his 50th birthday. Though he hushed the rumors of Aryaman Deol entering Bollywood, he definitely added that he would love it if his kids became actors. That’s a relief, at least!

On the work front, Bobby has managed to grab the attention of the country with his amazing performance in Race 3. It received one of the best Bollywood movie reviews. The entire country went gaga over the shirtless avatar and is hoping to see more of him soon in Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se.


While Deol is going to give Bollywood some of the greatest movies, all the nation can hope for is Aryaman to enter Bollywood as well. Till then, the country wishes him all the luck for his studies, and of course, his cricket.

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