Bird Pest Control – Everything You Need to Know

Birds are often not considered as parasites, and in the majority of the cases, people welcome them. However, when someone feeds them, they become freeloaders and begin the carnage by destroying crops, contaminating dwellings, and outbuildings. Who doesn’t despise unpleasant bird feces and feathers around their home?

From long ago, people have created ways to scare off the birds, such as hanging noisy objects, setting up scarecrows, etc. As killing most species is illegal and utterly inhumane, finding other methods of keeping birds away becomes important. Read on to discover some effective measures to get rid of pest birds.

What Works Best for Bird Pest Control

  1. Prevention 
  • Reduce or eliminate standing water and places where pest birds can.
  • Always keep the trash cans covered and the surrounding areas clean.
  • Never feed the pest birds.
  • If you have trees, trim them away from your home and prune those which attract pest birds.
  • Put obstruction (like sticky glues or spikes) on ledges, roof, or other elevated places in your home where pest birds can roost.
  • Keep the gutters clean to prevent standing water.
  • If you have set out food in feeders for desirable birds and pest birds are feeding on it instead, try to change the type of food you are using. If pest birds are creating a big problem, it is advisable to quit using feeders in the warm weather.
  1. Exclusion 
  • Seal or caulk openings through which small pest birds can enter your home. As small as a ¾ inch gap is sufficient for sparrows to enter and one-inch broad openings can welcome starlings in.
  • Block eaves, vents, and other lofted openings using plywood, netting, or ¼ inch wire mesh.
  • Door strips (transparent, plastic strips hung from doors) can avert birds from entering without entirely closing off the entrance for people. 
  1. Pest Bird Control Products 
  • Netting: Attaching plastic or nylon netting on the bottom of the rafters will shut the area to birds that are attracted to such places for roosting and nesting.
  • Spikes: Placing spiky wires across the places where pest birds land and roost will keep these areas safe. However, it requires some maintenance as accumulated grass and twigs can reduce their effectiveness.
  • Repellents: Place non-toxic, sticky repellents along areas such as ledges to reduce and discourage pest birds landing and roosting. These products require maintenance too, as they will attract dirt and dust, and must be reapplied regularly.
  • Nest Removal: Continuous removal of pest bird nests, especially during the spring and summer season, can significantly reduce the chances of return of these birds, as they will seek some other hospitable place.
  • Traps: Live traps like funnel traps, automatic and trigger-activated, decoys, mists, and nest boxes can catch pest birds, that can be released unharmed. These traps help to keep pests birds away and drive them to seek refuge somewhere else.

What Won’t Work Against Pest Birds

  • Although marketed as pest control for birds, visual scares such as plastic snakes, fake owls, or balloons hardly work for any length of time. The pest birds quickly adapt to their presence and return to their desired feeding or roosting sites.
  • Flashing and sound devices might prevent some pest birds from setting up roosting or feeding sites, but unless these devices are frequently moved, their effectiveness will be only limited.


Nests are fine to watch over until the birds cause damage to your home. Similarly, birds seem peaceful when seen flying, but when they start to create a mess of your home, you come to loathe them, as anyone would do. Pest birds can be really annoying as you would have to regularly clean their feces and feathers.

Some people who are sensitive to birds can even develop serious allergies. Therefore, these should not be taken lightly. For a cleaner home and healthier environment, ensure to follow these measures, as these are very effective to get rid of birds. In case, due to any reason, you are unable to drive them away, you may consult professional services. Pest Off provides great remedies for pest birds and other pest infestations.

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