Brands Using Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

The blockchain has become a legal method of technology now, almost every other company is up to accepting cryptocurrency. Some of the biggest brands in the world have created some kind of the best technology for their brands using blockchain technology. The blockchain technology has become very wide and largely accepted by everyone at large. You would be shocked to know that IBM spends around $200 million on a research team that researches blockchain technology.

Moreover, like 90% of the US banks and the European banks are trying to accept the blockchain technology and are trying to invest it largely. The technology can help all the other sectors like the bank, finance, insurance, and personal identity security. Hence I just thought of listing down the number of US-based companies who use blockchain technology. Other such companies who have also used this technique have not been found yet, but I have gathered some.

Salt Landing

Salt’s performance allows you to leverage the cryptocurrency in order to get money or cash loans. The borrowers will be able to get cash loans. The borrowers can lend money from 1-36 months in exchange for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, and various other coins. The company’s platform is available in most of the US states and various other countries, and loans would start at $5000.

Mythical Game

A studio named the Mythical Games creates some games and also offers some online experiences, and it features real ownership of such a digital asset. The creation of such secondary digital money is based on blockchain technology. It also helps to verify the drawbacks of the same. It also helps to create a record of the ownership of the unique digital items. The first blockchain-based game is almost ready and ready and has been launched primarily.


Gemini is one of the most renowned digital asset exchanges, and it allows the users to buy, sell trade cryptocurrency. The company uses the platform for trading and various cybersecurity purposes. Such a platform allows the individuals and the traders to trade everything from Bitcoin to any other kind of cryptocurrency.


It is a platform through which you can transfer money online and also helps to invest cryptocurrency online. There is no rate that is charged, and you can send any form of money to anyone you wish to. One of the Boston Based companies has offered to help various other cryptocurrencies. Through this platform, one can send money as easily as in a text format of the money.


Civil wants to give power using some sustainable power through journalism and journalism, which uses blockchain. The company offers some CVL tokens on which the journalists can operate their own newsrooms and operate them individually. This will also give the journalists the power of taking a decision and also are eligible to take steps if any of the rules of the organization is overruled.


It is a B2B platform that networks the buyers, and the sellers, the blockchain technology of the company, helps to get in touch with the correct people. The company’s blockchain technology helps to maintain the correct buyers and the correct sellers through the platform. It also helps to manage the supply chain, and it also acts as a communication tool for most of the customers. All other big brands try to get their sellers through the TraDove platform, and it eventually helps them to learn some more about their customers.


There are many other huge industries that are taking up the blockchain industry for the various needs of their business. It was not possible for me to mention them all here; hence you can check the rest in the this App. This new blockchain technology has helped all of these companies mentioned here. If you are planning to start a business and however small business it is, you can adopt blockchain technology. 

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