Career Opportunity with Interior Design Course

A degree in interior designing gives the special skills in concept development, drawing and sketching techniques, computer visualization, graphic designs, model making, and multimedia. The job of an interior designer is to determine space requirements and choosing decorative items like colours, furniture, lighting, wallpapers and other materials that make the interior look stunning. Interior designers work with architects, civil engineer, and construction labourers and determine how the place will look, function and furnished. The designer must be aware of the inspection regulations and building codes as well.

Interior designing is one of the best courses to pursue the people who are creative and who think out of the box. The ability to challenge yourself and come up with new and unique ideas and concepts is what a creative interior designer does. Interior design institute in Delhi helps you create and learn unique contents and the ability to challenge yourself and grow in that field. Here are 5 career options you can pursue after completing your course.

  1. Start-up interior designing firm: As the country grows modern, people like fancy things around them and the environment around them makes them feel comfortable and as a “home feeling”. There is a huge scope for interior designers in India, as people keep renovating and revamping places often. Running your own firm means surrounded with creativity, working flexibility, choices, being your own boss. This seems to be a perfect and fulfilling job.
  2. Being an employee in a firm: Every day is a new challenge for the ones who work in an interior design company, there is no dullness or drudgery at work. The atmosphere of the place itself is attractive, infectious and so charged up and you are surrounded by the smart and creative people around you. It would be a great experience and you will get to learn various other skills as well.
  3. Set designing: The demand for attractive and innovative stage designs for various events, shows, parties, award shows, weddings etc. is huge. Designers have the chance to become a set designer for TV series, movies, concerts, events and many more. This job can be enthralling for the designers as it is temporary installations and are taken down in a few days. Hence there is a constant demand for Interior designers for the upcoming events.
  4. Model maker/portfolio designer: every professional like interior designer, fashion designer, graphic designer, architects etc. requires a portfolio to showcase their designs. Interior model making is also a fascinating work which can allow you to be crafty and creative by your ideas and moreover it pays you very well.
  5. Interior designing teacher: Encouraging students to generate ideas and create unique designs, providing technical support is highly holistic and fulfilling career option. Inspiring students to think outside of the box and triggering the creativity gene in them is part of the job profile. Creativity is not something you can learn from textbooks or any learning material and this is what makes the job enjoyable and at the same time challenging as well.

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