Discover Top 10 Mobile Games Synchronizing Intellect and Entertainment

Android is thriving with many applications and games for your entertainment. It is undoubtedly known to be a wonderful platform for the world of gaming. There exists many hundreds and thousands of games to excite people of all age groups with different game genres. Every day many new games are popping in and with that, more and more numbers of people are getting tempted to this world of games.  These Games nowadays play an important part in everyone’s life. No matter how much you try to stay away but these games have their distinctive charm and are sure to grab your attention of mind and heart.

If you visit your play store and search for android games, then you would see a complete list of games displayed on the screen as recommendation and various classifications. From action to brain & puzzle, Cards and Casino to racing and sports, there is a wide genre of mobile games available on the Google play store for all Android and iOS users.

Subway Surfers, Cash of Clans, and Temple Run are the most common games among all, they are found in every person’s smart phone no matter what the age group, what the gender.  Moreover, amidst the rising number of games, there are many that are popular amongst the huge numbers of customers. Here is a list of top 10 mobile games that the mobile users find interesting and inspiring while delivering a complete pack of fun and entertainment.

Candy Crush SAGA

Candy Crush SAGA is an interesting game that gives you scores by enjoying the candies. There are many different candies that have to be matched by swiping the finger on the screen and swap them. The game can also be integrated with facebook where the highest score of the day are maintained. This creates a competitive environment with friends and others on list of games.

Paper Toss

In this game, there are crumpled pieces of paper that have to be thrown into a virtual trash bin. By swiping the finger, you just have to move the direction of the crumpled paper and throw as many as you can in the bin. There are challenges on the go but you have to keep going the way.

CSR Racing

CSR Racing is one of the most impressive and popular racing games amongst boys. The game comprises of different tiers with each having its own racing group. You have to defeat these racing groups by moving in the right direction at the right time. Furthermore, it has different modes to suit the taste and excitement level of the user.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

The Pocket Edition of Minecraft takes the player to a world of fun and excitement. It is a game of adventure wherein all you have to do is continue placing block in the landscape completely made of different cubes. Players then move the cubes into different directions and are used to craft articles and buildings. Creative and survival are the two different modes of playing in which the players enjoy the flight around the world of minecraft and make castles that are but destroyed by the monsters respectively. All the players need to safeguard their creations.

Mega Run

Megarun is a mind-blowing running game that adds the next level of excitement with the character running and jumping simultaneously. It’s interesting to watch the character jumping, climbing and landing on the enemy’s head to get the going. The latest addition to the game is a Google+ Sign in button enabled to offer FREE MP by watching varied videos.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers launched by two private companies in Denmark, Kiloo and SYBO Games, is the most desired game by all mobile users. It works best on Android, iOS, Kindle, and mobiles designed on Window platforms. Players serve as artists who if caught by the inspector and his dog for applying graffiti to the virtual rail website runs down the railway tracks in order to escape. Further, you have to collect gold coins while escaping collisions with various objects in the game including the train. You even have an option to take a high jump on the train top for evading capture.

Boom Beach

Boom Beach is an intelligent game based on strategy that enables you to stay defensive against any attack from other players and against virtual bases that are computer-generated. As a player, you have to build your own base and upgrade your defense mechanism and strategy. If in case you win destroying the troops or fight the attack, then you can use the same earning to destroy the base generated by the computer. In the process you collect ‘Intel’ that is earned at every stage for winning over. 

Jungle Heat

Jungle Heat came as a wonderful alternative to Clash of Clans that continues to receive new features and functionalities even today. A new wave of mobile games with high-resolution graphics and power packed entertainment. In this game, you have to free all the natives and save the treasures of the jungle from the bloodthirsty raiders. Further to that, you can claim the treasure of the jungle for yourself and keep it safe in your personal storage. This is an interesting game of battle, a cross-platform game of war.

Hay Day 

Hay day is one of the most reputed farming games on smartphones and tablets. In the game you have learn the complete structure and formation of your land where you have to grow crops and then further sell the refined crops as goods too all your neighbors and relatives. You can do the trading at a retail shop nearby or even send across far away areas in trucks and steamboats. The presence of some strange animals in the land makes cropping a challenge but certainly a measure of fun. You have the freedom and opportunity to build your own safe town and then welcome visitors to your town. The most engaging aspect is that you can play the game on your computers and laptops with enhanced quality of graphics, high resolution, and more efficiently. Look at here for a complete guide to download Hay Day for PC and enjoy the game on your computer.

Call of Duty: Heroes

Call of duty world at war is a series of games that requires players to be ruthless enough to survive the world war combats. Today players could use options like playstation, ps2, and even computers to enjoy this blood-mongering game. The objective is to survive midst all the climatic problems of World War II.  Most people require cheats to survive and manage every level perfectly. This requires players to think of new tactics and ways to combat all kinds of enemies. Players often plan features like cooperative game play and weapons in various formats to manage and overcome various cinematic experiences.


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