Fixing Common Problems in a Galaxy S10

We must put the Samsung vs. iPhone feud aside for a moment and acknowledge the fact that yes, Apple was the original pioneer of smartphone technology when they first unveiled the iPhone back in 2008, which did serve as a blueprint of every other smartphone that was to come. So, yes, it is important to give credit where credit is due.

Now, there are multiple manufacturers for smartphones around the world, but two of the biggest names have to be Apple and Samsung. Samsung has managed to make some seriously good smartphones, and their Note series is a testament to that fact. However, for the sake of this article, we will be limiting the discussion to just the S10.

The S10 is also part of the popular S series launched by Samsung and is considered to be a relatively popular phone. It gained more popularity than the previous model, the S9 which was lacking in a few areas, especially in terms of visual appeal. However, the S10 appears to tick the right boxes. Now, if you are considering buying an S10 or already happen to have an S10, you must be ready to deal with possible problems that this phone might run into so that you can either troubleshoot the problem yourself or opt for S10 repair services.

Dealing With Accidental Touches

The S10 is a relatively big phone, and it does come with the iconic edge panel that is characteristic of the Galaxy S series. Now, some people have reported getting annoyed by accidentally touching their screen and launching or closing an application they did not intend to, or accidentally waking up their phone or activating the edge panel when they did not mean to. Thankfully, there is a relatively simple way to sort this problem:

  • All you have to do is go to your Settings, go to the Display menu, and then turn on the accidental touch protection feature.
  • You can follow the same maneuver for dealing with the edge panel.

Issues With The Finger Scanner

This problem was also found in Note 10 as well. A lot of users complained that they were struggling to get their fingerprints registered for their fingerprint scanner. This was a bug in the system and Samsung did manage to deal with the problem to quite an extent with consequent software updates, however, if you are still struggling with your fingerprint scanner, you can try out the following:

  • All Samsung S10 models came with a plastic film already on top of the screen. This film is believed to contribute to a lot of the troubles with the finger scanner. So, try to remove that film, remove your case if you have any, and then reset and re-register your fingerprints. The process should be easier.
  • Take your time with the process of registering your fingerprints, and do not hesitate to move your fingers around and make sure that your entire finger from all sides is captured when you are registering.
  • Tinker around and try to improve your screen sensitivity because that could also be potentially causing the problem.

Connectivity Issues

If you are facing connectivity issues where you phone disconnects randomly from the Wi-Fi, or if you are having trouble with your data, or in some cases, unable to use 4G LTE, then you can try out the following solutions and see if any of them works for you.

  • If you are having issues with connectivity, it is recommended that you forget your Wi-Fi network, reset, and then enter the password again. This can also be followed by rebooting and restarting your phone, and also turning your router off and then on again after some 20 seconds.
  • If you are having an issue with your data connection, you should go to your Settings and see if you have not accidentally restricted data services. If that is not the case, then you should probably talk to your data service provider.
  • The lack of 4G LTE services was a problem with the S10 initially, however, Samsung did realize this issue and did fix the problem with their latest software update. In case your issue is still not resolved, you will need to take your phone to an official Samsung store near you and have them address the problem.

It is also important that you know that having an S10 does not guarantee that you will necessarily have to deal with these problems. These are just issues and bugs that a lot of other users have reported. So, if you have not had to deal with these issues before, then you should not be too worried about it, and in case they do happen, then you already know what you need to do to deal with them. Plus, if all else fails, you can just take your phone to a repair store and have them try to figure it out for you.

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