Future Earth

In the not too distant past human kind merely possessed the ability to think ahead in terms of individuality. However in the past 50 years science and theology have advanced to such a level that as a species, we are capable of predicting and preparing for future events.

Google’s director of engineering Ray Kurzweil is spearheading research into human immortality. Scientists are asking themselves what the human race will look like in a million years. But what events in the planet’s future can we predict with an air of certainty? Read on to find out.

Future Earth

Humans will master a mortality

War, famine and disease have been the enemy of human life for millennia. In recent decades, the human race has shown an ability to mitigate the devastating effects of these events. Humans are more likely to die as a result of over-eating than famine in the modern world.

Diseases such as Influenza and Tuberculosis can now be controlled by modern medicine and wars are scrutinised and reviewed by governments to ensure that successive humans learn from mistakes made.

The war against disease is never ending. As soon as one life-threatening disease is contained or control, science fixes its eyes on another deadly virus. In the past century average life expectancy has almost doubled. If life expectancy continues to increase, by 2100 humans could be living on average to the age of 150.

A select few humans with enough capital could even find themselves capable of amortality. Only susceptible to death through accident rather than disease. As mentioned earlier, Google are already investing into research to eradicate death.

Your country will shrink in size

98% of published scientists believe that climate change is indeed a very real threat to humanity. Sceptics such as US President Donald Trump may have succeeding in convincing people that climate change is baloney, but they will not be able to deny its effects in 2100.

In less than 80 years scientists are predicting that large swathes of countries will be underwater. Global warming is happening at twice the rate of mid-latitude regions in the poles, causing dramatic rises in sea levels.

No summer sea ice will lead to massive meteorological changes in northern hemisphere countries, plunging them into the seas. In the UK large areas of Yorkshire from Hull to Leeds will sink into the seas.

In Ireland, Connacht is likely to be replaced almost entirely by water, being known as the Connacht Sea. Although world famous ecological scientist Donald Trump thinks this is all a load of rubbish, so there’s no need to worry.

YOUTUBE LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xE0KtLy5j8w

Religion will dissipate

The basic premise of all major world religions is that there is something beyond life, something brilliant that we must dedicate our living lives to. However with life expectancy growing and amortality being explored, what draw will religion have to the masses?

The will to live is stronger than faith in an unquantifiable afterlife. People of the future will be more likely to put their trust and faith into science and immortality rather than religion. More questions will be answered by science, reducing humans hunger to explain the unexplainable.

The numbers of adults recognising themselves as religious in the United Kingdom has dropped significantly in the past 50 years. That is a trend that will continue to grow exponentionally as science progresses.

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