Google Chrome Is Better Than Microsoft Internet Explorer

There are a number of browsers that you can choose from, but most popular happen to be Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Microsoft and Google have always gone head to head in terms of the various technology advancements that have been introduced into the market and it is no different with their browsers. While Internet Explorer has been around for a longer time, Google has managed to take over majority of the market and there is no denying that people are more comfortable using Chrome in comparison to the Internet Explorer.

If you are wondering how you can get rid of the ERR problem that Google Chrome sometimes comes across with then this isn’t something that is major and you can simply dig this article to get effective solutions on how you can overcome this problem. Apart from the minor issue, Google Chrome is way better than Internet Explorer for various reasons.

The Omnibox

One of the most advanced features that Google Chrome comes with is the omnibox. This is a convenient feature that makes it very easy for users to depend on Google Chrome in a more effective way in comparison to any other browser including Microsoft Internet Explorer. It comes as an address bar, and a search bar all in one, making it simple for you to look through your contact other the content on your phone as well as using Google search almost instantly. This feature saves so much time that it helps you to work a lot faster and in the most streamlined manner. When people are always looking to save time, the small features make a huge difference in their life and it makes our life a lot easier.

Ease Of Use

One of the major reasons why it is highly beneficial to use Google Chrome in comparison to Internet Explorer is that Internet Explorer is only available on Windows while Google Chrome is available across the most platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac and Android.

This enables you to get comfortable with one browser that you can use across the various devices that you may have to switch between. It also helps you to sync all your work together and ensure that if you need to switch devices you can continue to work in a seamless manner without having to wait to get back to the device that you first started working on. This enables you to multitask and it also allows you to work more conveniently and without having to be dependent on one device.

A Better Browser

It may be stating the obvious however Google Chrome is much better than the other browsers because of the versatile nature of it. Google has done a lot in making sure that the Chrome browser is better than all other browsers in every regard. Google Chrome even goes beyond the desktop and makes sure that it proves to be useful even when you are not in front of your computer or a laptop. If you have not tried using Google Chrome on your Android device then you are missing out on a lot. The Google Chrome version for Android based devices is brilliant and it is definitely the most dependable browser in the world of Smartphones.

Google has continued with the improvements in the Google Chrome Browser and made sure that each and every version of the Android operating System comes with a better Chrome browser. Google Chrome offers a complete package across various platforms. This includes syncing of data very easily and without human intervention.

Updated Versions

Although relatively new, google Chrome has come out with more than 10 versions. This shows that Google has been updating the Chrome browser once every 6 weeks. This not only shows Google’s efforts towards customer satisfaction, it also proves that the future is bright for Chrome users.

While these updates may not be massive changes and the interface may still stay the same, Google makes sure that all the bugs are taken care of and there are no crashes. This ensures that the browsing experience of the user is not hindered.

Comparison Of Companies

If you look at the company names behind Chrome and Internet Explorer, you will realise the efforts that go into these browsers and how the users get affected. For example Google does everything that it can in order to make sure that Chrome is efficient for all of its uses. It makes sure that the User experience is not affected and there are no mishaps during a browsing experience.

Windows, on the other hand, does not put in that much of an effort as far as the Internet Explorer browser is concerned. The browser is linked with legacy products that are obsolete and the usability has not been improved for a while. The user experience is not that great and Microsoft does not seem to focus too much on the browser because of the market share they have with the operating system.

If you have to choose between Google and Microsoft, there is no competition. Google Chrome is definitely something that you can rely on. The only way Microsoft would go ahead and develop Internet Explorer and take care of the user experience is if it receives competition from Google in terms of operating systems for computers and laptops. That is easier said than done and only time will tell if internet explorer can step up its game and match Google Chrome as far as browser experience and user experience is concerned.

Browser Speed

This is one of the biggest deciding factors between Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Any user that has used for these browsers will definitely vouch for the fact that Google Chrome is definitely faster and a lot more efficient. Internet Explorer has known to be slow from the beginning and it has only gotten slower. Irrespective of how fast your internet speed is, web pages will take longer to load on an Internet Explorer browser.

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