How Positive are CIPL Reviews?

Know about CIPL before Setting CIPL Reviews

Corporate Infocom Private Limited is a private limited company incorporated under Companies Act 1956 on 18th Dec 2007. CIPL is an IT company which is also a Pro Channel Partner of Godaddy.

In the revolutionary era of the internet, CIPL offers the services of website designing training to the prospective students. They aim to make the students financially independent to shape the future of young minds and ultimately the country. That’s how it is all about positive concerning CIPL Reviews.

The functioning of the company is distributed into two phases. The first phase includes the learning part, where students are provided the opportunity to learn. While the other phase offers the chances to make money with the knowledge you gain at CIPL. Learning and earning go hand in hand at CIPL.

If we consider the CIPL reviews, CIPL makes a large community of entrepreneurs and corporates who once dared to dream and with CIPL their dreams are now a reality. Students of CIPL get the advantage of their knowledge and experience to shape their future into the digital world.

Two Phases of CIPL

1. Learning: IT Phase

The training process includes knowledge of the latest digital trends, which helps the students to implement and earn in the real world. It includes blogging, Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, etc.

There are five modules for it:

  1. Personal Training
  2. Basic IT Training (Beginners)
  3. Advance IT Training (after Adsense & Digital marketing)
  4. Gala Training
  5. TECHIE-GIGS Subscription ( It is a blogger event hosted by CIPL)

Further steps include a website development where students implement the methods like Domain name purchase, Web hosting, CMS, Licenced Themes, C-Panel, DAVSY, etc.

It ensures that students implement their knowledge in a practical project to further utilize the knowledge in order to assist and train others.

This project of developing their own website teaches students to earn money with digital marketing.

What is Project DAVSY?

CIPL has designed a WordPress plugin named as ‘DAVSY’ which helps the users to raise the traffic of their website. This plugin is absolutely free for the members of CIPL. It works like the plugin called, ‘OUTBRAIN’.

Benefits of DAVSY:

Raise Traffic: It gives the opportunity to mark your presence as top publisher among the DAVSY network.

Monetizing: Make money with the raised traffic of your blog.

Develop Engagement: Engage your users for lasting brand building.

Large Promotion: With the huge network, CIPL has enhanced chances of promotion at its thousands of websites registered with it.

Revenue Generation: By following content guidelines, members make revenue with legitimate sources.

Creativity: This content discovery platform not only generates traffic, but it also generates contextual ads which come under DAVSY Premium.

2. Earning: Remuneration Phase

CIPL offers its members a chance to earn a handsome commission if they encourage their fellow friends and acquaintances to join the constructive network of CIPL. This is completely optional at the part of the members.

So, it is a win-win situation for members if they bring their friends to gain digital knowledge.

Training at CIPL has many perks like personality development, amazing communication skills, leadership qualities, management skills, quick planner, and way more. This makes CIPL reviews positive.

CIPL Reviews are Indeed Positive.

CIPL leads its members towards long-term relationships of constructive professionalism which helps them all their lives. It transforms the overall personality of its members and turns them into a leader.

CIPL is much more than learning it offers services of domain selection, domain purchase, and web hosting to make you rule the virtual world.

It also offers courses in CAD, animations and other computer courses.

CIPL is about innovation, as it has introduced CS Education Card technology to offer online education without the requirement of an internet connection.

CIPL is improving the start-up and small-scale business scene of India, as it is providing entrepreneurs a platform to implement their skills in their innovations and ideas to succeed.

Ultimately, CIPL is contributing to the economy of the country making the youth of the country skilled and productive.

CIPL reviews speak for itself and it defines growth and a vision of success.

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