Lifestyle Changes to Make to Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

Millions of people across the globe are affected by diabetes. If diabetes is not detected on time, patients would be susceptible to kidney failure, blindness, heart disease, and many such serious ailments due to uncontrolled blood sugar levels. We know that certain factors that trigger diabetes cannot be altered like age, gene, past behaviors etc. However, you could take some effective actions that could go a long way in reducing the risk of getting diabetes. Here are some important lifestyle changes that could help you avoid diabetes.

Eliminate Refined Carbs & Sugar from Your Diet

Consuming refined carbs and sugary foods could trigger diabetes in people. Your body would be breaking these down into very small sugar molecules that are easily absorbed into the bloodstream. This would be stimulating the pancreas to manufacture insulin that is a hormone which would be aiding sugar in getting out of the bloodstream directly into the cells of your body. In prediabetes cases, the cells of the body would be resisting the insulin action and so the sugar levels remain high. In order to compensate, we know that the pancreas would be manufacturing more insulin trying to reduce the blood sugar and bring it to a relatively healthier level. With time, prediabetes could develop full-blown type-2 diabetes due to consistent high insulin and blood sugar levels.

Several studies have revealed a connection between the high consumption of refined carbs or sugar and diabetes risk. Statistics demonstrate that 1/4th of the diabetics do not really know that they are suffering from the disease. This is quite a scary fact because there could be many complications arising out of chronically uncontrolled high blood sugar levels in your blood. Worse still about 86 million people are known to have prediabetes.

The most effective way of preventing and also a really early detection of diabetes are often based on the combined testing of the antibodies of Type 1 diabetes. In this regard, you may get in touch with the no.1 distributor of biotechnological products at It offers an extensive inventory of laboratory research reagents that are commonly available or even those that are really hard to get.

Lose Excess Weight

You must get rid of obesity. If you are overweight try your best to lose the excess weight to control your blood sugar levels. Chalk out an effective weight loss strategy with the help of a doctor, fitness trainer, and a dietician.

Keep Monitoring Your Blood Sugar Levels

You must examine your blood sugar levels at least, twice daily. See if your blood sugar is within the recommended range. Keep constant track of your blood sugar fluctuations. If you constantly monitor the progress, you would be able to note how certain activity or foods impact your levels.


You must make appropriate lifestyle modifications to control and manage successfully your blood sugar levels. You must remember to exercise regularly and stay active. Keep moving. Exercise regularly, to remain fit and maintain an ideal weight. Regular exercise would help in reducing stress and controlling cholesterol, blood pressure, and triglyceride levels. You must indulge in dancing, walking, stationary bike, low-impact aerobics, tennis, swimming, etc. Keep moving as that is your mantra to perfect fitness and low blood sugar levels.

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