Paternal age in pregnancy, yes it matters!

 The age of mother in pregnancy is very important. If the age is more than 30 then it is really going to affect the child and its growth as well. In the same way age of the father at the time of the conception makes effect on the development of the kids. There is a risk of the psychological issues if the age of the father at the time of conception is more.

Paternal age effect on pregnancy is truly something to think about. The child is at a higher risk of having some serious mental issues like the schizophrenia. There are also some other psychological issues like obsessive-compulsive disorder or the depression. If the father is of a very low age at the time of pregnancy, then also that is a problem. The kids may not be social when they grow up.

It is also observed that when the paternal age is more than 40, then the risk is more. The age of the father may affect the growth of the baby both physical as well as mental. There may be also a risk of loss of pregnancy at the very early stage at the stillbirth or before 20 week of pregnancy. The kids may have some of the birth defects. Paternal age effect mutations have to be surely looked for. There may be some of the birth defects like slow development of limbs, heart and the skull.

Autism is one of the common problems that happen due to paternal age. There may be some of the psychological issues like schizophrenia. There are also some other problems that might occur due to advanced paternal age like lymphoblastic leukemia. This is a kind of cancer that can make the increase in production of abnormal while blood cells. The research also shows that the higher risk of health issues may be because of some of the genetic mutations those are present in sperms that happen more in men whose age is more than 40.

If your age is more than 40 and if you are trying for a baby then do ask your doctor. Doctor may give you some medication that may help to reduce the generic issues in kids. The age of the paternal effect is the relation between the father age at the time of conception and the other effects on your baby. These effects can be baby related or some other effects. The genetics quality of a sperm and also its mortality and volume as well. All of them can be decrease in the same way the age does. The effect of the paternal age was initially discussed by Weinberg.

Advanced paternal age may be linked with the more risk for some of the genetic issues by the mutations. This may be specifically likely associated with the paternal age effect because of the spermatogonial selection where the effect of spermatogonial mutations in the old men is more as the cells with these mutations have some of the benefits for the other cells.

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