Still Speculating Which Designer Lamper Suits You Best?

Like jewelry is to women, designer lampers are to houses. Picking up designer lampers is as hard as picking up perfect jewelry. If you are someone who is still speculating which designer lamper suits you the best then keep on reading this post.

While choosing a designer lamper all you need to consider is shape, size and opacity of lamp. Here we will discuss about all these 3 factors to help you choose a perfect designer lamper that will suit you the best.

  1. Shape of the Lamper-

When it comes to the shape the lamper the base determines the shape of the shade. The shape of the shade should always be quite similar to the shape of the base. The only thing to be taken care is that the shade should always be bigger in size than the base to make sure that there is proper lighting. The candlelight lampers though can go pretty well with any shape the shade. It’s only the round or square shaped lampers in which the shape of the shade needs to be similar. Also the shape of the shade can complement the shape of the table too on which the lamper is placed.

  1. Size of the Lamper-

 The size of the lamper plays an important role in deciding how effectually it will light the surroundings. The proportion of base to the shade plays a pivotal role in this. The proportion should be accurate enough neither too less nor too much for perfect lighting. Whether your base is round or square in shape proportion is a must to be maintained. All you need to do is check the dimensions of your base and then increase the size of shade accordingly.

  1. Opacity of the lamper –

Whether translucent or opaque it’s completely upto you. Opacity of lamper is personal choice of every individual. Translucent lampers go well for reading and other such purposes whereas opaque lampers are good enough for setting mood.

Talking about the design of the lamper it is again completely upto you that which design you pick up. Simple designer lampers go well for study tables or bed sides. Whereas, the designer pleated lampers add some uniqueness to your drawing rooms or antique collection. If you are someone who wants to give an antique touch to their place then pleated designer lampers are what you need to add in your collection.

Designer lampers are one of the things that top the list of many people when it comes to decorating their places. To set a mood or to revamp the look of your bedroom a designer lamper is enough. Lampers bring along a great energy and add positivity to the place where they are kept. Whether it’s your bedside or your study table or even maybe your drawing room lampers can add enough of glory to their surroundings.

While speculating for designer lampers make sure you keep in mind the above mentioned three points. Lampers should always be bought according to the place where they are needed to be kept. Too big lampers to be kept along the bedside are a big no. Whereas too small lampers to be kept on a study table is again not a wise choice. So always choose your lampers accordingly. All three, shape, size and opacity of a lamper should be taken care of while buying a designer lamper. Secondarily, the place where the lamper is to be placed and the design that you are picking up should be considered before you bring home a designer lamper.

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