What You Must Know about the Major Functions of the Finance Companies

When it comes to the finance companies in the country, some lend money to individuals while others offer loans to businesses. A few of the funding companies also offer capital to fund the sales proceeds of a manufacturer’s merchandise to the consumers. Most of these agencies do not take deposits from the people. Therefore, they’re not regarded as banks.  However, these financial firms need to adhere to the rigorous rules and regulations imposed by the banking system in the country. Finance agencies that involve in commercial credit dealings offer loans on the assets of borrowers, as security. Now, these financing companies receive funds from parent firms or through their individual network. According to an article published on https://www.huffingtonpost.ca, a finance company offers long-term, short-term, alternative financing, and lines of credit to small businesses. Read on to learn more about the primary functions of these financing agencies.

Asset-based Lending

As far as the commercial lending companies, they offer funds to businesses on pledged assets. It may be a property or a plot of land. The customers are growing, small and startup firms that have assets to attach as security, but not sufficient funds to repay the loan. Now, these assets include equipment, a building, inventory, accounts receivable, machinery, and things like that. If a business defaults, the finance company will repossess the assets. A cloth manufacturer has an agreement from a retail outlet. The cloth merchant pledges the accounts receivable when borrowing money from a lender. If the merchant defaults, the loan is repaid using the collections received from the retailer.

Personal Loans

Even the best financing company in India offers personal loans to individuals. The people with a poor credit score or those who fail to get a loan from a traditional bank turn to these finance agencies for loans. They may qualify for the same. These are called personal loans for second mortgages, a sum borrowed for buying a vehicle, loans for debt consolidation, and home remodeling loans. Now, these loans should be protected with solid personal assets. The loans of financing agencies are expensive than loans taken out from a bank. However, these financing companies are accommodating when giving a loan.

Installment Loans

Are you planning to buy a new washing machine and a large-screen TV? What do you do if you do not have the cash to buy these home appliances? You saunter into an electronic gadget store and buy these products on an installment scheme. The merchants will offer you installment plans when they sign a contract with one of these financing companies. The loan is approved over the telephone when the customer is present in the store. In some cases, when it comes to a new car purchase, the automobile dealer will seek loan approval for the consumer by getting in touch with the car manufacturer’s finance subsidiary. Ford Motor Credit is an appropriate example in this regard. Once the loan is approved, you can walk away with the home appliance provided you have enough means to repay in monthly installments.


Now that you know about the major functions of the financing companies, choose a loan that suits your borrowing needs. Do not forget to read the agreement terms before signing the dotted line.

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