What’s the State of My Relationship with BlurSPY?

These days, many people are uncertain about their relationships. Many factors contribute to this. Uncertainty in relationships is mainly due to cheating that also has a lot of reasons. In this post, we will explore the reasons of relationship break-ups, why people cheat on each other and how you can check your relationship status with a spouse tracking app.

Reasons of Relationship Break-Ups

Before we talk about the reasons of cheating, need to look into the factors responsible for relationship break-ups. This will help us understand where people make mistakes and how they can be avoided.

People Want to Be Single

Here comes one of the most common reasons of break-ups in the relationships these days. People are fed up of their partners and want to be single. They can’t afford anymore to be in a relationship. They can have some issues they don’t tell others. When someone wants to be single, you can’t stop them from break-ups.

People Hurt their Partners

Sometimes, both the partners have issues with each other. There can be cheating, problems, fights and other things that lead to hurting the either partner. If such things continue, people break up and don’t want to be in relationships anymore.

Couple Have Frequent Fights

When things get worse, couples start having arguments and fights. This is the worst thing that can happen to a relationship. With such problems, it becomes really hard for people to stay in a relationship. No one can convince them and they just break up.

There are Career Issues

When one partner is having career issues, this affects their relationship. It is the reason why people don’t want to get married before they are settled. And sometimes, such issues arise during the relationships. For both of the partners, it becomes impossible to continue like this when they have no jobs.

Your Relationship Status

We talked about few of the reasons of why relationships fail these days. However, another major thing to worry about is the cheating in relationships. A lot of people have complained about their partners cheating on them. They can do nothing about this because they don’t have any proofs to catch their partners red handed.

You can be suffering from this issue as well. For such people, BlurSPY is the only solution. This is a spy app that can be used to track any Android tracker device or phone. With this software, you will be able to get access to the data on any phone. The app makes tracking phones really easy. So if you are not sure about your relationship status, you can use this app to find out the truth.

Using BlurSPY App

With this app, any person can track a phone remotely. You may be wondering how this app can be useful when it comes to checking your relationship status. The app offers a good number of features that make it easy for the users to track any phone according to their needs.

Features of BlurSPY

Now coming to the features of BlurSPY app, it is important to learn which features the app offers and how you can use them for tracking any phone. There is a long list of the features provided by BlurSPY app. It will not be possible to list each and everyone here. We are going to share the best and the important features for users that they can use to track phones of their partners and check their relationship status at the moment.

  • With call recorder, you can check call history as well as record any calls.
  • Tracking messages feature allows users to get access to text messages.
  • You can also track the live locations of your target person.
  • Hacking social media is really easy with BlurSPY app.
  • You will also have access to the multimedia and photos on target phones.
  • Use the bug mic and camera feature to capture surrounding voice and videos.


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